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IT'S not picture penis size, it's about how you use what you've got. Here we reveal the best sex positions for every type of man. News of the man with the world's longest penis Whether your well-endowed or lacking in the trouser department, there are picture positions that can work for any size or shape.

When it comes to girth, the average erect circumference was 4. But men come and all shapes and sizes and there is nothing wrong with that.

How Long Is the Average Penis?

In fact, women don't really care how big your penis is, a blow free job movie teen poll revealed. The study showed that ladies are much more concerned about the overall attractiveness of the penis and the appearance of pubic hair.

Skin around the genital area and penis were considered the joint third most pressing penis qualities. While length was only sixth on women's schlong spec.

How Big Is the Average Penis ... And How Does Yours Measure Up?

Here sex expert and educator Dr. Charlie Glickman reveals all penis having the best sex with what you've been given. The vagina is three to seven inches on average, so anything more than this can be painful in the wrong position. But fear not. If you opt for a position like woman on top, or reverse cowgirl she can control how much goes inside her. If you likes being in control however, you could try missionary, but keep her legs closer together so you doesn't penetrate too deep.

Rear entry positions like Doggy Style, which has been voted Britain's favourite sex position, is good for smaller men. To keep things spicy, experiment with different angles and try spreading her legs apart or keeping them inch together. Dr Glickman suggests bringing a vibrator into the mix or using your finger to rub your clitoris inch he's inside of you. Try starting off Doggy Style with her legs closed tightly, then slowly get her to move forward until she's lying flat on her belly.

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By Laura Mitchell Lifestyle Writer. How to last longer in bed naturally. View gallery.

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