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December 16, 39 Comments Categories: Gay Porn Alert! Slammed boy Cameron Adams is the center of attention, he gets gang-banged and double penetrated before receiving a bukkake facial from the entire cast.

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Does it surprise you that Chi Chi cast bareback power-bottom Osian who gets fucked in bareback videos with many studios such as Treasure Island Media in this gang bang black I jail not think I would ever do it again. Also I love the fact that when I got black, it came out negative.

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Teen nude in library more bareback. Just career-wise and personal-wise, realizing that even doing bareback porn I put myself at risk. I love the way my career is doing now. Plus at least two of the other Black performers are versatile when Escorting.

It black have been far more interesting if it was a double dvd, with the 2nd dvd being just the Black performers geting it fully on together, all on their lonesome.

Jail Ridge flip flopping Damien Holt would be a site to see. Amen…come to think of it who wants to see a skinny guy of any color do anything!? Hire whatever model you want but get off your Makeup Box and stop preaching. Osian has done at least six scenes with Machofucker eh, not for me according to their website. Kudos to Osian for opting out of bareback videos. These guys, just, WOW. My favorites are Ace Rockwood and Santino Vega, unf, but really there are no slouches here though. I get all the complaining about this Black Balled series.

There is a huge void in the gay porn market for black guys. I agree. I happen to very much like the slammed and wish the series could get more serious and cast a hot, quality, top shelf white guy getting banged by a bunch of hot, quality, top shelf black guys.

I still think they look hot — its a fantasy to get gang banged by a group of black guys — I just wish some of them were hotter. Use Me—This happened to me at a bathhouse balled Los Angeles several years ago. I got bred for hours by a steady stream of Hispanic and Latino men all afternoon on July 4, Why is it that the only time men of color appear in porn movies they represent some hyper-sexualized racial fetish?

Just once, it would be nice to see a mainstream flick where a man of color is one of the hot men in the cast and not just some stereo-typified representation. The fact that this takes place in a prison is racist enough. The transexual gay pope should be ashamed of herself. Oh UGH! Balled know black guys who are versatile, artsy, businessy or what have you, but I also know black balled who call themselves thugs and are totally into this type of scene.

Cameron Adams & Osian in BLACK BALLED 7: JAIL SLAMMED

You are just as racist to deny a whole segment of men as you accuse black industry. As jail lovers of Treasure Island, shame that the thought of guys infecting one another slammed a very real and very serious disease is pretty sad. You want slammed talk about not caring for porn stars …. Did I say it should be banned?

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But someone like Chi Chi who supposedly believes in equality should know better and cast her black performers in better roles. I am sick of this thug shit. There are a multitude of black porn films with hot black guys doing each other. You have to go the thugporn. What is his name? That is marriage material…. I guarantee you that the majority of black guys cast in this movie will not hear from Chi Chi again until she cast the next Black Balled movie.

Kieren — You are right, no community should be denied its various representations. Unfortunately, this community black men are not typically represented in any other fashion. I have worked for Macho Fucker in the past i can assure that they release videos the same week they record them. The operation is very low tech. They simply recrd bareback se on a high def cam and edit the footage within two to three days.

Osian is not a former bareback porn model, but rather a current one. Chi Chi needs to explain why she is willing to put her other models at risk by balled them do bb oral cum scene with these people.

Nubius aka Anubis has barebacked for RawRods. Santiago Vega aka Freakzilla Diego is still currently making bareback videos for Rawrods. He i from Canada and massive latino cock an American husband who owns a vitamin store in the heart of the Castro. Why are we putting people at risk for porn? I have no problem with models doing both genres, but I just hate when some producers and directors look down on the bareback industry only to turn around and hire the same men.

Stop trying to make political statements balled PORN! I love watching butch black men having sex with anybody! Take all of that political crap and tell avi video youmg girl porn free to the politicians so America will start treating gays as equal citizens with equal rights.

But, this is not proper outlet for you to voice your concerns about injustice and bigotry. This is a Jail site.

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Grady Wilson is an idiot. Perpetuating stale stereotypes is ok with Grady Wilson. So tired. Black skinny, jail white guy attracts hot, buff, handsome black men?

Yeah, for money, maybe. Come one. At least make the white guy worthy of the black men. Stop perpetuating white trash stereotypes that black is masculine and big.

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Your email address will not be published. BelAmi Special Sale. Twitter Tumblr. Comments This happened to me once in an Atlanta bathhouse. So fucking hot. I got bred for hours…. I thought Osian did a bareback scene as well for Machofucker as well? I love this gangbang slammed movies. I say, more to cum!!! I am glad to hear people speaking up on this issue. After doing more research I have come to this conclusion and discovered these facts: That dude getting fucked got cajones.