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Dark, milk My husband is aghast. But he humored me. He got me a jar of Nutella. And I went tumblr it pretty quick. So he got me her. I stood in the kitchen and ate most of it out of the jar. So he bought another two jars. Then, I went into the bedroom. In Nutella. Basically inviting me to lick it off him. He winked. How was I gonna say no to that? Anastasia devine tits like to see her body change because of our actions.

I want to see her slowly swell up for nine months. Her body aglow as I care for her and build an environment for our soon-to-be child. I want to dote on her and spoil her as she nurtures the little life Cum put in her.

That morning was the first time I ever fucked without a condom. We just naturally started without one. When the first ropes of his thick semen splattered against my unprotected cervix, I knew how we were going to spend the rest of he morning. Outside there was a lovely river and mountains with hiking trails. You wanted me to fill you up and get you pregnant. So I vowed to spend the entire weekend in our tent until I was sure my seed had taken.

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Reblog if everyday you think about either getting a big load in your fertile womb that will get you pregnant or pumping your seed deep inside a girls pussy and up against her cervix. I know I do! Nothing beats a bare cock sliding into a receptive welcoming fertile cunt. Say no to condoms and breed, you know you want to. She was charming, entrancing, even. I was embarassed to be caught staring, but she made eye contact, then smiled, dropped her eyes, looked at me again and beckoned me over.

We chatted, talking about where we were and where we were from. From time to time I glanced at her scarf. She noticed and asked if I liked it. I said yes and blushed. Instinctively, her I felt it, I bent down and smelled it, feeling the silk with my face. She giggled and, without a word, took my hand and drew my down a narrow alley.

After a few twists and turns, she stopped and drew the silky fabric face my fingers. Knotting it, she put one hand gently on my face, caressing the fabric over my features and pushing me gently backwards. As I backed up, feeling behind me with both hands, I felt the alley cum.

She pushed, suddenly, a little harder, and I thumped back with my hands trapped between my back and the wall. Her hand face down and grasped my throat. Call me Miss. Very … appealing. Breathe deeply. Not hard to take a sudden deep breath.

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I felt her body come close to mine. Breathing was hard for me now, and not because of her grip on my throat or the scarf covering my nose and mouth. Her fingers were tugging on my nipple now, hard. And both nipples were responding, as was my cock. I squirmed a little. Then I felt it touch my trousers. Right there. Right where things were getting hot and bothered. I gasped. Aroused for sure. You tumblr this? You like being taken out of sight, being grabbed, being stroked, being pulled, being smothered, being groped?

My fly is unzipped. Her hand slips inside, rubbing the bulge in my shorts. The hand on my throat tightens, just ever so slightly. Do I get pleasure in return? Cum you let me tie you to my bed and ride you? Ride your hard cock? Ride your face? Would you be my plaything if I promise to play nice with you? That sounds lovely. I hoped you would say that. Your shorts are very sticky now. She undoes the knot behind my vargin teen pussy pic, pulling the scarf from around my face.

As I straighten up, she knots the scarf around my belt buckle and, using it as a leash, tugs me forward.

I reach down to zip my fly; lightly she smacks my hands. Did I tumblr you to cover it up? And tugging on the scarf, a smile on her lips, she draws me out of the alley and down the street towards the Metro station.

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