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Turns out that fish owners like to publicly shame their beloved pets. People are sex in the shoer. Zardoz women one of the weirdest movies ever made. Set in the year on a post-apocalyptic Earth, Zardoz is a sci-fi movie written, produced and directed by John Boorman and stars Sean Connery in the main role as Zed, who dressed in a red mankini, his plaited ponytail flowing in the breeze, escapes the thrall of the Eternals and smashes their regime.

Trump is making headlines once again.


When Donald Trump showed off a predictive National Hurricane Center map, it looked funny it was drawn on with a Sharpie in one place. And, boy, did the internet love where this was going…. In a world were Rubber Chicken Purse exists it only makes sense that these chicken leg socks exist as well. These obscure socks make it look like you actually have chicken legs, not just skinny legs, but actual chicken legs. As you can see from the pictures below, for some strange reason they are gaining popularity and many people enjoy wearing them even in public.

This gallery celebrates the awkward and wonderful ways that dogs choose to snooze. Featured below is another hilariously weird medieval-themed pic list.

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This time a group of Czech students decided to recreate medieval drawings and the result is brilliant. Brits are naked funny when it comes to protest signs. While kids are not always pic to go back to school, for some reason parents do not share that feeling.

One might say that they are even happy about it…. People love to commemorate special occasions with beautiful photoshoots. It helps to share their special moments with friends and family and also creates a memento that will last for years. And while most of them turn to Pinterest to search for ideas before they book a professional photographer, some of them come up with their own strange ideas….

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Wanna show your significant other how much you love her? Give her the Chicken Bag!

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It will prove that you really care about her and also have an amazing sense of fashion, plus you will show her how great your are with your finances as you will save loads of cash not buying her a Louis Vuitton or Versace purse. Scroll down to see the happy owners who already have this beautiful thing in their lives! This site uses cookies. Privacy Overview.