My ass hole hurts

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Help my ass stop hurting! November 19, 9: I've just finished a week-and-a-half course of anti-biotics after some dental surgery. One of the side effects, I assume because of the eradication of digestive bacteria, is that the amount of shit I've been putting out has tripled. I used to be a twice-a-day man, now it's three times and the volume is huge. Hole the last several days, I've developed what seems like a throbbing swollen vein in my ass, hole an inch to the left side from the asshole.

Oh, sweet Jesus, it hurts. It hurts when I sit, it hurts less when I stand, but it hurts. But there's no blood, and no external tissue, and all the the info I've seen indicates that internal hemorrhoids shouldn't cause any pain.

The real question is that hurts I'm due to drive several thousand miles in a few days, what can I do about it before then? And no, I don't have any insurance or money, so realize that unless I ass that it's gonna be horrible, permanent harm, I'm going to try to avoid seeing one. Google "low residue diet". The less you have to go for the short term, the better. Take a probiotic or eat lots of organic yogurt or Activia. If you really have an intestinal flora problem, that'll be a must.

One of those inflatable rings, maybe? They sell 'em at drug stores for hemmorhoid sufferers. Hydrocortisone cream to reduce the inflammation; a pharmacist can help you choose. Eat enough fiber and drink enough water so you don't have to strain. There's always Preparation H. There's a good chance you have Clostridium difficile, which is a bacterial diarrhea that often follows antibiotic use.

You pretty much have to see a doctor, as dietary changes are not going to stop the bacterial infection. The anus problem is most likely an external hemorrhoid.

The only thing to do about this is to take sitz baths and use an air donut.

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You need to avoid constipation and hard stools, so make sure that you don't cut out too much of your fiber. Also, don't use the over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams, since they can make healing take quite hurts bit longer.

Sorry not to give you better news. I second the doctor, but because the symptoms you describe sound to me to be an anal fissure. Apply witch hazel to a cotton pad and wipe the affected area after you go to the ass. Also, increase your fiber and water intake. Increase the amount of exercise you get hole well. Witch hazel, exercise, bran for breakfast, and double water ass up my ass problems in 3 days. Good luck. I had an anal fissure which was corrected surgically. Your symptoms sound like mine Most fissures will not heal on their own due to the sphincter preventing blood and other essential goodies from getting to the source of the problem.

Get thee to a doctor and hurts to a proctologist. Jelly Finger hole be your friend. If it's infected, as it sounds like ass may be, it could also be a perianal abscess.

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These aren't corrected with antibiotics; they need to be lanced. The appropriate way to deal with this is to see a doctor. Sounds like C. Diff is certainly a possibility, irrespective of whatever else is causing you pain likely an irritated external hemorrhoid. You need to get a stool study run asap to check for C. Diff toxin. See your doctor.

Anal fissure

This doesn't address your immediate problem I second all of the recommendations of "get thee to hot men playing with pussy doctor, fast! Recommendation via my doctor. Squathurts sit on the toilet. Well, I'm outting myself as the ass-pain sufferer after going to the doctor today. I figure that since I've had to repeat the symptoms about, I hole, thirty-thousand times to everyone around me, I might as well tell the internet too.

The answer is that it's a skin abscess, so I've been prescribed another round of antibiotics these ones are "skin antibiotics"some vicodin, and told to take hot baths twice a ass until the thing comes naked college girls on video a head and pops, at which point I have to shower and clean it out. So, any advice on making this happen before I go on the road trip? Any ways to speed this up?

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The doctor just looked disgusted and was vague about what I could do, but said that since it was hurts to reach she had no interest in lancing it. What an asshole of a doctor, no pun intended. This thread is closed to new comments. Tags ass.