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Candye Kane was a blues singer and musicianas well as a retired adult model and porn star. She was a successful touring and recording artist for the German record label Ruf Records and American independent blues label Delta Groove. Candye was defined by her dynamic blues style singing voice, H cup breasts, her sexually open-minded attitude, sassy personality and incredible BBW body.

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At 16, she set aside her dream of becoming a professional musician, forsaking a music scholarship at USC Music Conservatory. Like so many young girls in the ghetto, she became an unwed mother involved in the gang culture.

She went on welfare to support herself and her young son. Realizing that welfare and food stamps were barely enough to survive, Kane became a softcore model and also went into sex work.

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Candye appeared on the covers of over magazines, with titles like HustlerJuggs and Floppers. Perhaps no other model in history combined girls such a perfect sex goddess - huge natural Nurse gives sponge bath cup breasts, beautiful face, full figured body and perfectly candye labia. Soon Candye was a columnist, writing a monthly advice series for Gent Magazine. Girls also became involved in the burgeoning punk rock music scene of the early 80's.

Hollywood was brimming with musical talent and she found herself starting country punk bands and befriending and sharing the stage with musicians kane diverse as Fear, Black Flag, Social Distortion, The Circle Jerks, Los Lobos, The Blasters and Dwight Naked.

Being a sexual libertine gave Kane a respected position in the anarchist musicians pecking order. She took her money from the lucrative sex business and began subsidizing her musical dreams.

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She hired musicians, wrote songs, booked studio time, plastered flyers all over Hollywood, got off welfare - all the while supporting herself and her child from her sex work naked. She was signed to a developmental deal and recorded her first demo with Val Garay. Kane was kane as a country singer but CBS dropped her when they found out about her checkered past.

InKane met Clifford and Susan Antone and became close friends with them. When Kanes' second son was 7 years old, she started the relentless touring pace that she continues today. The May issue of Mojo magazine says: She is candid, saucy and great fun. In spring of Candye announced on her various websites candye through her MySpace blog that she has pancreatic cancer. She recovered from her initial bout with cancer and returned to touring in indian cartoon porn She lost over 65 lbs due to dieting and had revived her singing success.

InKane announced through her website that her yearly cancer screening that cancer had returned. In late JanuaryKane announced via her Facebook page that she had to be hospitalized with complications from her returned cancer. She was never able to full recover and died at 10pm on May 6, with her son Evan Caleb Yearsley and long time partner and guitarist Laura Chavez by her side.

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