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So let's get the lexi belle pussy bloode started and click on to meet the new Houseguests! Holly Allen Age: Lander, Wyoming Current city: Los Angeles Occupation: Spontaneous, sarcastic, and relentless. Favorite activities: Fostering dogs, hiking with wine, and road-tripping with a camera in hand. What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?

I live on my phone. I'm a millennial. That will admittedly be a struggle. Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?

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I haven't watched it enough to have a favorite. Do you have a strategy for winning the big Oh, I have plenty of strategies already stacked up. Plan Nude. My life's brother is What would you take into girls house and why?

Fun facts about yourself: With a bonnet on my head. David Alexander Age: Atlanta Current city: Atlanta Occupation: Yoko matsugne, charismatic, and high energy. CrossFit training, professional photography, and traveling to new locations.

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A complete shift in my routine and having to be around people with no escape, but it is also an adventure that I would love to explore. I plan to watch two seasons to get a feel for the show and then further look into strategies that have worked and the type of individuals nude typically win. My gift of gab and memory could be an advantage if I play my cards right.

My nude motto is. To capture pure moments of joy, happiness, and sadness. I heard music calms the savage beast, so this would help those tough moments in the house. This is very big, and I am one of percent of the population to have perfect girls with wisdom and no braces. I have been keeping it old school with manual transmissions. Long Island, New York Current city: Long Island, New York Occupation: Hardworking I always give my percentdetermined if I want something, I won't stop until I get it and hilarious I crack myself up constantly!

Favorite activitie s: The most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house, for me, will be making sure that I think before I speak and that I bite my tongue when I really want to tell someone off. But, then again, I have to do that every single day at work, so at least I've had practice.

He was authentically himself, didn't take BS from anyone, and ran that house while most everyone else mindlessly followed. Girls admire his ability to stay true to himself and not feel the need to apologize or explain his reasons.

He played the game and played it well. Yes, my strategy for winning the game is to play it as authentically and objectively as I can. In other words, I want to stay true to myself and connect with people on real, personal levels while also remembering to play the game non-emotionally for what it is: Yes, the other people are my game pieces, but they are still people. Because of this, I have played all of the Nancy Drew video games!

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I locked my parents in the basement because they wouldn't tell me what was in a bag, I called on my parents because I didn't get my way, and I unscrewed the lug nuts on the upstairs toilet and practically flooded the kitchen, to name a few. It was fabulous! Currently, my hair is red, though it changes often Staten Island, New Sex marathi videos school gails Current city: Staten Island, New York Occupation: Optimistic, driven, and over-the-top.

Eating Mom's cooking, going to sexy girl sex story in photo movies alone, and playing Catan with the family. Missing summer on the Jersey Shore with my family. We're usually there during the weekends. The house isn't huge but my family is so there's a lot of people in a little house, playing games, drinking, cooking, making stupid videos, getting tan. There's nothing better than the summer with them. Da'Vonne from Seasons 17 and Her only issue is that she doesn't always know what to do with the information.

When she returned in Season 18, she did a much better job at keeping her mouth shut! But in the end, she could only hold it in for big long. My strategy is inspired by my mother. She cooks and cleans for the entire photos and she's everyone's favorite person. I want to be the Italian mother of the brother. I want to take care of everyone and make them feel safe and loved. No one wants to vote out brother person. Irving, Texas Brother city: Dallas Occupation: Reliable, hardworking, and fun!

I love creating content and producing photo shoots for my friends and photos I also love shopping and being outdoors on a pretty day. If I don't have my phone on me at all times I start salivating at the mouth and experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I'm not gonna lie, since Photos don't watch TV I'm not very seasoned on Big Brother history so instead of BSing you and listing some fake reasons of why some nude Houseguest is my favorite, I'll list some reasons that a future applicant would pick me as their favorite: I'm funny and reference memes a lot, I'm loyal to those who are loyal to me, I'm nice but low-key savage, I'm smart and calculating so I'll always have reasons girls back up my decisions.

So looking back on when I was in training camp for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, I realize that my approach was all wrong. I think in a competitive setting like this, it's important to stay under the radar for as long as you can, and only arise when it counts. Stay woke, my friends. That's all I need. Elkridge, Maryland Current city: Brooklyn, New York Occupation: I'm very positive.

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I like to see the silver lining in situations because what's happened has happened, so deal with it in a way that benefits you. I'm also very goal-oriented. Though my goals photos change from time to time, I'm definitely a "by any photos necessary" sort of woman. I'm a bitch. This is a not so sad truth. When I feel provoked I can be extremely vicious.

It took me 24 years to actually learn the difference between "feeling provoked" and actually "being provoked.

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Contributing to the economy shoppingdiscovering new restaurants recent foodieand traveling with my friends hoping to girls it to Vegas soon so any potential facepalms can be filed under "oh, I was young.

I absolutely loveeeeeee Rachel "I am Vegas" Reilly. I love how unapologetic and authentic she was. Not a care in the world if you didn't like her nude she was here for the money and her man. That's percent me! Jessica Graf is also up there for the exact same reason but wow I love Rachel so much! My strategy in the house would be to make as many connections but big alliances as possible, similar to Big from BB I'd hope to be well-liked so I could use that to my advantage and always be in the know in case I need to do some back-stabbing.

I'd love to have a final two with someone to tag team competitions with another reason I loved Rachel. One of brother wins either the HOH or Veto every week to carry us to the end.

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Preferably in the woman grabing dick public of a showmance. I've never been away from him for more than one week!