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Look at how people who have authority, agents, police, bosses, employers abuse their position of power to take advantage of people who need their attention or help. These perverts, using kacey jordan feet power, blackmail the people they talk to in order to have sex in exchange for their help.

On many occasions, they begin by forcing their victim to allow touching, kissing, which ends in penetrations of fingers and cock, which in the end the victim ends up accepting and enjoying. Other times they only exchange their help for sex, making the most dirty perverts to their victims, in need of help.

Those who, in order to receive what they need, let themselves be abused by doing everything the agents ask of them. Watch as they fuck them through their pussy, ass and mouth brazenly, even cum.

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With cunning these false agents wrap the girls telling them that they can help them but in return they must accept to have sex with them. They take advantage to make the hardest and most perverted practices.

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