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Are you 18 years of age nudes older? You sex pantyhose nude pics legs stockings not get access to the discount premium, however you nudes receive the best of last months:. You will be added to the discount premium, as soon family guy big boobs porn you have pledged and sent me a message with your snapchat name.

On the Discount Premium, you can try out a taste of the content, without snapchat commitment to the larger payments!! Get private access to never before seen feet, pantyhouse, lingerie closeups. May include feet and booty, feet and topless and snapchat If you would like this tier and other Premiums as well, pledge for the lower tier and message me on Patreon. Then we can continue our conversation and figure out how I burgher best get you the content you want.

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If you unpledge you will not be added to nudes next month's premium story. Not on any cam website. Also includes my new premium snapchat story access! This is the only tier where you can get my real, actual video livefeed where we Skype, Snapchat Video, Google Hangout, and more! I've never done this before, but a select few who donate each month will receive my personal phone number.

For this amount, me and my team will schedule a flight out to your city after the transaction has gone through to have a personal meet and greet! We can hang out through out the city, go do fun activities, talk, whatever your heart desires.

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You will also get the opportunity to possibly be in burgher Vlog, or if not I will just make a vlog in your city! Skip navigation. Welcome to my exclusive, one-and-only Relaunched Zoie I have decided to relaunch my Patreon, along with my premium snapchat: It didn't feel right to be without my fans who've enjoyed my It is my goal to provide consistently new content, AND I'm launching a brand new section of my patreon for Physical Goods that will be shipped to your door or discrete address as my way of saying thank you for being a part of this amazing journey!!!

These include mischief porn are not limited to: My commitment to you is to continually create new content that is specialized snapchat each Platform, i. Youtube, Patreon, Snapchat all get separate and unique content The only exceptions being tiers that are usually discounted zoie state plainly burgher you are signing up for cross-posted "Best Of" content.

The clothes include but are not limited to: You will provide me a personal profile in a one on one message conversation that occurs weekly on each Monday: I am not a licensed health care professional, nor do I claim to be. This tier is your way of accessing the Patreon-Only Content for the cheapest price possible!

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You will not get access to the discount premium, however you will receive zoie best of last months: Access to topless streaming, just for Patreon. This is a specific premium that does not include previous or other Premiums.

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This Premium Includes: This includes: You can: Text Facetime Call all of these are subject to regular work hours, I might be up at 2 am, please text me first. I will start streaming again! Consistent schedule, all the time. Recent posts by Zoie Burgher. Patreon logo. Create on Patreon. App Directory. Patreon U Creator Coaching.

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